Mathsson summer house, Frösakull, Sweden . Bruno Mathsson . 1960

'Frösakull consists of a base platform measuring 10x15 metres, on which a structure of galvanized iron is erected. The walls are made of corrugated plastic, South American wood (“parapine”) and glass which have been attached directly to the structure. The roof was made by fl exing translucent opal-white acrylic plastic between the rafters to form six barrel-vaults that run across the structure enclosing the entire space except for the inner court. Under the transparent vaults and steel rafters, a ceiling of angled and mounted wood slats is suspended, sifting the light like venetian blinds. The house has two yards: an inner court enclosed with corrugated plastic and thus screened from view, and a sun patio that is not on the platform, but is enclosed with the same corrugated plastic thus incorporating it into the body of the building. The layout is very simple; the building consists of two parts: a closed part with north-facing wooden walls for the bedrooms and bathroom/toilet, and an open part with corrugated plastic walls and a roof covering half the space that makes up the living room and inner courtyard. The only different part is the little sun patio, added as an extension to one of the façades.'

Helena Mattsson


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